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Dear Creative Genius,

Having worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Adults with ADHD and other Creative Geniuses, I hear time and time again how procrastination keeps you from achieving your goals. Procrastination is why you don't have a To-Do List; you have a To-Do Book!!!

Your To-Do List today holds the same tasks you had intended on doing yesterday, last week, last month, last year, hoping that today will be different! You have an overwhelming list of incomplete projects. Every day you cross your fingers hoping you'll get those old tasks done and every day, you're disappointed. You worry that your colleagues, your boss, your spouse will realize just how bad it is.

But it eventually catches up with you! You pay $800 for a brake job on your car instead of the $200 it would have cost if you'd just seen your mechanic earlier, and now your spouse is furious with you!

Your boss calls you into the office to warn you, or worse, fire you, because your colleagues are complaining you're not pulling your weight.

You try different solutions; you try tricks, you try bribing yourself, you try to "just do it" secretly psyching yourself to tackle a long-overdue task, but Nothing works! and you feel like a Total Loser

Now let's get one thing straight: You're not lazy! There I said it. There are many reasons why you procrastinate and being told to "Just Do It!" won't cut. Statements like these assume you don't want to get it done, but I happen to know that you do.

Overcoming procrastination takes more than willpower; you must identify the root cause of your procrastination. And unlock the chains of procrastination. When you understand the simple four-step process, you'll be able to conquer procrastination every time, no matter what the cause.

Many of my clients who thought they were doomed to failure were pleasantly surprised to see just how much they could positively change their lives with the Conquer Procrastination... Now! book.

"Thank you for your great training on procrastination. I was surprised and delighted to see how clearly and simply you broke down an intimidating topic. I have already successfully used some of your tips for myself and with a client. I will look out for your productivity myths report. Thank you for sharing your wonderful material and lovely self.


~ Shira from New Jersey

Conquer Procrastination... Now!
for Creative Geniuses

Delivers Long-Term Procrastination-Busting Solutions

In Conquer Procrastination... Now! you'll be taken by the hand and walked step-by-step through a complete procrastination-busting process. We'll address every reason you procrastinate, tear off the mask to reveal the real culprit, and apply the right solutions to address your procrastination at the source.

You'll be left with powerful tools to identify what you're procrastinating, identify the root cause, and attack the problem at the source.

You'll improve your productivity, see your To-Do List diminish instead of grow, and finish each day feeling satisfied that you've done all you could and more.

You'll begin seeing results right away...

>> More free time that you can enjoy guilt-free at the end of your day (because you got your work done faster, instead of just carried over!).

>> Feel satisfied and proud of your accomplishments.

>> Your relationships improve as your spouse, your kids, your friends, your co-workers feel they can rely on you.

>> More energy and excitement and a definite boost of confidence

But, this will only be the beginning.

Here's what you can expect

The Complete Conquer Procrastination... Now! Course including:

ADHD-Friendly eBook, available for immediate download upon registration (if it's ADHD-friendly, you know it will work for you).

Weekly Emails that provide additional information and help you stay focused on what you need to do to complete the program.

Overcome procrastination with Conquer Procrastination... Now! Stop the stress! Feel satisfied with your life! Stop the insanity!


Here’s a "sneak peak" list of just some of what you’ll learn in Conquer Procrastination... Now! you'll get:

A four-step process to conquer procrastination and be more productive, you’ll surprise yourself!

A framework for identifying and attacking the root cause of procrastination that you can apply in every situation.

The momentum strategy lets ADHD adults beat procrastination forever!


Thank you for offering the Conquer Procrastination Now! and Succeed in a FLASH training at the ADDA conference. Your session on Procrastination was one of my top 3 favorite sessions at the conference (and I said as much in my evaluation).

Thanks for all of the practical information from both of these sources. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at a conference in the future!"

~ Alexa Taylor, MS, LPC
Southern Methodist University

Yes! You Really Can Conquer
Procrastination... Now!

Boost your confidence, reduce stress, increase productivity, impress your family, your colleagues and your boss, and more.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Getting started is very easy, and surprisingly affordable.

Considering the cost of many behavior modification therapies, hourly rates of clinical psychologists, or expensive prescription drugs - you might expect to pay thousands of dollars to be able to double or even triple your productivity.

But the cost of this proven, life eCourse is only $99.

But when you know that you will finally hold the key to every procrastination problem that's been plaguing you, and will dramatically improve your productivity, and that you’ll have the skill to maintain it for years to come, $99 is a small drop in the bucket.

I can’t put an exact dollar figure on it for you -- only you can do that. I can tell you this: at $99, this program could possibly be the best bargain and the best investment you’ll ever make.

If you’re a Creative Genius who REFUSES TO SETTLE...

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For the ultimate in payment flexibility, choose between:

One payment of $99 Canadian (plus applicable taxes)

You can also call my office to make your reservation. You can reach me at (514) 807-5008. If the lines are busy, please leave a voice mail and someone will get back to you the same day.


To “Sweeten the Deal” Even More,
I'm Putting All of the Risk Entirely On Me

Your Success Is Completely Backed Up
By My No-Nonsense Guarantee

30-day Money Back Guarantee

I have so much confidence you'll be thrilled with Conquer Procrastination... Now! for Creative Geniuses that I'm giving you a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Improving your productivity by having someone nagging you and telling you "Just Do It!" isn't a real solution (or a very pleasant one!) In Conquer Procrastination... Now! for Creative Geniuses, I teach you powerful strategies, and work with you so that you'll master applying them in your own life in virtually every procrastination situation you encounter for the rest of your life!

So take a full 30 days to read, listen to, work with, and apply what you learn, and if you don't learn anything new, I will send you a prompt refund.

So you see...

You Really Can't Afford
Not To Invest In…

Conquer Procrastination... Now! for Creative Geniuses

You have NOTHING to lose... except more wasted time.

I'm Ready to Buy Now

Or call my office to make your reservation. You can reach me at (514) 807-5008. If the lines are busy, please leave a voice mail and someone will get back to you the same day.


To your Focus, Action, Success!

Linda Walker


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